RRP $10.00+ p&p

Non slip mat

  • This simple but very effective pad can be used for a variety of uses.
  • It adheres itself to all surfaces and can be moved without resistance or marking.
  • Stops most loose items from moving...cigarettes, lighters, sunglasses, money...

TA03 (Audible only) $195.00 + p&p
TA04 (Audible & Visual) $233.00 + p&p
TAO4A (extra park senor Kit) $49.00+ p&p


Park Alarm

The Park Alarm is a reversing aid to help prevent this situation. They turn on when you select reverse gear, and lets you know when you're getting close by audible (TA03), and visual signaling (TA04)

Tech Info:
Power :12 volt DC


TA03 - Main unit - W : 69mm / H : 21mm / L : 109mm

- Buzzer - W : 50mm / H : 18mm / L : 75mm

Ta04 - Main unit - W : 72mm / H : 23mm / L : 110mm

- Readout - W : 90mm / H : 21mm / L : 32mm

Non Slip Mat l Park Alarm l Automatic Lights

Automatic Headlight & Sidelight Controller

RRP $135.00+ p&p

Automatic headlight and sidelight controller

Never forget to turn your lights on or off again

Give yourself that prestigious feel of BMW, Merc, Lexus and other marques, Autolights is an 'easy to fit' headlight and sidelight switching system specially designed to work with any car and does not affect the normal operation of your cars lights.

Autolights Automatically turns your headlights and/or sidelights 'on' as night approaches and 'off'  as night turns into day. 

Never forget to turn your lights on or off again. Let Autolights do it for you.

Tech Info:
Power : 12v DC
Amp : 5 amp
Dimensions - Sensor - W : 21mm / H : 10mm -
Main Unit - W : 46mm / H : 22mm /L : 70mm

Non Slip Mat l Park Alarm l Automatic Lights

Is a fully adjustable remote controlled halogen lamp. It is not to be confused with your everyday spot

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