Car Remotes R Us is a NZ based company offering  products for automated access control.  Our remote controls have a wide variety of uses and can be used for car alarms, garage doors, gates etc. If you need  a spare remote  for your car alarm, garage door or gate, we may have all the right answers on our Remotes section Plus a family of innovative product's in our Products section or simply Click here to contact us.

Here at Car Remotes R Us, we sell the widest range of remote controls and immobilisers in the world.

Not only do we manufacture our own replacement remote range to cover most obsolete and discontinued makes, we can make remotes for alarm companies that do not exist anymore.

We also stock and get hold of a vast range of original equipment rolling code remotes, immobilisers, touch-keys and transponders.

Just some of our range...
Sigma, Laserline, Scorpion, GT, Cobra, Serpi Star, Foxguard and many many more...............

Our 'One Call Supplies Them All' motto says it all. Contact Car Remotes R Us

Is a fully adjustable remote controlled halogen lamp. It is not to be confused with your everyday spot

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